Introducing Writing Aerobics

Huff, huff, gasp, gasp, wheeze, wheeze.

Does writing feel like hard work? Do you enjoy everything about your job except putting words on a page? Would your career take off if you could only present your bosses or clients with a well-organized and intelligent proposal?

If so, join award-winning journalist and writing coach, Dick Weiss, for Writing Aerobics. It's a two-hour writing workout that will breathe life into your copy and maybe even your professional life. Better yet, this workshop requires no sweat, no form-fitting spandex, and no physical dexterity whatsoever.

Weiss's invigorating workout includes writing exercises, flicks and tunes, but most importantly sound, simple advice that you can immediately apply to your work. You'll write more powerful memos, persuasive proposals, compelling brochures, and inspiring appeals for fundraisers.

Weiss customizes his workshops for the business involved. But typically he works with the writing produced by staff members. He highlights best practices and addresses problems that often are easy to fix with his renowned,crisp and useful guide known as "Dick's Writing Tricks.''

Businesses also have the option of providing one-on-one coaching for their staff members. Participants can send ahead or bring with them a writing sample (anything from a memo to a personal essay) and Dick will provide a written analysis of the work (either in writing or in person).

With Writing Aerobics you'll learn to:

  • Tap dance past writer's block.
  • Rivet an audience to your work.
  • Find your voice (without singing a note.)
  • Make every word work for a living (and lay off those that don't.)
  • Sell ice cream to Eskimos, take coal to Newcastle, and avoid clichés.
  • Write powerful prose without using exclamation points!
  • Sound funny or poignant, passionate or profound; smart or incredibly smart.

For more information, click here to contact Dick  or call 314-725-4233.