Adoption Services

StorkDick Weiss and Sally Altman can help you with what may be the most important document you'll ever write: A letter to a birth mom who is looking for a wonderful family to adopt her child.

Moms are all different of course, but they hold many values in common. They love their babies. They want to put them in good homes. They want them to grow up to be strong, honest, smart and proud. Your birth mom letter will work best if every sentence, every paragraph ties into those values.

Sally and Dick will help you tell your story first by looking at whatever information you can send ... a rough draft of a letter, information from a homestudy or an autobiography. Then they will follow up with a series of questions about how your parents raised you, how you relate to your spouse, how you decided to adopt, how you walk in the world. All are designed to make your story intimate and distinct. They will send you a draft for your comments, and then refine the letter more until it meets your expectations.

To get started send an e-mail to Sally and Dick will get back to you with more information. You can use a credit card to pay for your adoption letter by clicking here.