WeissWrite offers a full line of editing services from the formation of an idea to the finished product. With more than three decades as a professional writer and a decade as a writing coach, Dick Weiss can help you with almost any assignment. Among the services:

Getting started with a project

Set up an appointment with Dick to create a vision for your story and proposal. He'll outline practical and easy steps to get past writer's block and put words on the page. 

Review and evaluation of drafts

Dick will read your copy and provide useful tips for making your piece more concise and compelling. 


WeissWrite will edit your copy, line by line, word by word, delivering camera-ready copy back to you on a timely basis.


Use WeissWrite's tip sheets to help you edit your own drafts:

Dick's Tricks For Writing Clear And Concise Copy

How To Be A Crackerjack Editor


WeissWrite charges an affordable hourly rate. E-mail weisswrite@gmail.com or call 314-725-4233 for a quote.